The Jungle Project

The Jungle Project is a nonprofit cultural initiative founded in May 2015 by members of the digital music magazineJungle Indie Rock.


We try to cover different areas that are fundamental to the music industry. On each area we can find different professionals, each one of them facing different difficulties. Our mission is to provide support for these professionals, for which we have designed different projects.


We are aware of the breadth and complexity of all the sectors that make up the music industry. It is not our mission to cover all their needs. However, our magazine Jungle Indie Rock has given us a global overview of the situation and we have been witnesses of how small actions can already improve many things. Our projects are designed to address small aspects that can provide great changes. We hope that our work can support music in an effective way and we can make the improvements needed to initiate a trend.


Based on our experience, we have divided our projects into different categories, setting simple divisions between what is the music itself, image and communication media related to music.

Our Music Projects are focused on the process of creation, interpretation and publication of music, giving a priority to the weakest link in this chain: new musicians and composers. But we do not forget other music projects that are not so new, those that seem to have become invisible to an industry that penalizes talent, removes what ever is risky from their channels, and prioritize what can be consumed by masses. The Music projects at The Jungle Project want to support all artists who bring creativity and talent.

As for our Image Projects, they are orientated to music photographers, designers, illustrators and videographers. We all see their jobs without knowing their names and we are not aware of the great importance of what they do. With our image projects we want to address their difficulties and provide them a space.

And finally, we want to include projects related to the music media. Internet has made possible the development of a multitude of digital media and platforms that support music. From new radio station and television platforms, to digital magazines and music blogs, new technologies have grown very positively the space in which music can be exposed. Nowadays, musicians can manage their crowdfunding campaigns, the production and distribution of their albums, their blogs, social networks and they can contact any media to promote their work. We ourselves have benefited from this phenomenon and were able to create our digital magazine Jungle Indie Rock, from which we have given support to more than 12,000 artists in just five years.

However, not all the media are bringing something. Many of them exclude what is not pleasing to the big audiences, to such extreme that the number of artists who appear in the media is minimal and the same names are repeated for decades. At Jungle Indie Rock we have verified that the promotion of mainstream artists is not incompatible with that of unknown artists. You only need to keep a standard of quality, creativity and talent for both.

From The Jungle Project for music media, we want to promote these values and that we all contribute to give an space to music rather than a “music product”, devoting time to listen, to watch and to evaluate the work of new creators, making them to coexist with those artists that already please all of us.