Free Services

Promotion: Free promotion in our music media Jungle Indie Rock and Jungle Spain

  • Signed and unsigned artists
  • Agencies and publicists
  • Record labels
  • Illustrators
  • Video directors

Projects: Form part of our projects. Full list of projects

  • Jungle Bands
  • Adopt-a-Band
  • The Jungle Session
  • The Indie Gallery
  • Jungle Clips
  • Signature Videos 

Reduced Price Services

Consulting: We advise you about what you already have

  • Music: Composition, interpretation, production (recording, mixing, mastering)
  • Materials: Promo photography, video, press dossier 
  • Website, blogs, social media.
  • Comunication: Communication strategy, sending your music to media.
  • Hiring: Booking, management, signing to labels.
  • Publishing: Edition/Self-release, registering your work.
  • Music career: Third opinion, private reviews.
  • Internacionalization: Succeeding abroad.

Contract us: We do it for you

  • Recording studio and production 
  • Promo photography
  • Videos (promo, audiovisual, official, sessions, live videos)
  • Website and social media
  • Management
  • Booking
  • Signing to a record label
  • Internacionalization: English music business, Spain and Latin America.

Courses and workshops: Do It Yourself. Customized courses. Distance/face to face

  • Web design: Make and manage your own website. Cheap and easy.
  • Blogging: How to make your own music blog
  • Social media for music artists
  • Communication: Get your things ready and send your music to the media.