Paid Possitions


We are raising funds to open possitions. Please send us your résumé and a cover letter if you want to be considered for future vacancies. Music writers, music photographers, web programmers, or community managers, are some of the jobs that we could be offering.


Request an Internship


We are working to establish a collaboration agreement with universities, colleges and academies from different cities and countries. Please contact us if you wish to include your center in our internship programme. We will contact your center to start the process.

Internship offer


For  undergraduate students in Modern Languages and Translation. Undergraduate students in English Studies. University of Alcalá. Madrid, Spain.

Internship Open Possition
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Community Manager


We need to incorporate a Community Manager to help with the social media. Our music charity has 112,000 Tumblr followers, 4000 Twitter followers, 2000 followers on Facebook and 2200 followers on Pinterest. Help us to improve our visibility for a better support of the artists that we promote.





We need to incorporate collaborators/ editors for our music blog Jungle International and Jungle Spain. We just require 3 short posts per week and an long article per month (album reviews, concerts, interviews). English wittting skills are required for the international blog, and Spanish writting for Jungle Spain. We offer Tumblr and social media training.

  • Spain: We need collaborators in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and other cities for Jungle Spain.
  • UK: We need collaborators in London, UK for Jungle International.
  • USA: We need collaborators in New York and Los Ángeles for Jungle International. 
  • Australia: URGENTLY needed, collaborators in Australia for Jungle International. 
  • Latin America: We need collaborators in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, familiar with the independent music of their countries.
  • Brazil: We need a Brazilian collbarator for our blog Jungle Brazil, familiar with Brazilian music, particularly rock and indie music. It is not necessary to speak English or Spanish.


If you are not interested in joining our team, but you want to collaborate with us in another way, join our music charity, receive the newsletter, all The Jungle Project activities, and submit your ideas or suggestions. Collaborate and help this project succeed.